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Open-LLDP installation and management.


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  • 1.0.0 (latest)
  • 0.3.0
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released Jul 1st 2017
This version is compatible with:
  • Puppet Enterprise 2017.2.x, 2017.1.x, 2016.5.x, 2016.4.x
  • Puppet >=2.7.20 <5.0.0
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  • Bolt
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Add this module to your Puppetfile:

mod 'razorsedge-openlldp', '1.0.0'
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bolt module add razorsedge-openlldp
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puppet module install razorsedge-openlldp --version 1.0.0

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Tags: facts, lldp


razorsedge/openlldp — version 1.0.0 Jul 1st 2017

Puppet Open-LLDP Module

master branch: Build Status develop branch: Build Status


This module installs Open-LLDP. lldpad (LLDP Agent Daemon) is a GPL licensed implementation of the Link Layer Discovery Protocol for Linux.


  • Installs Open-LLDP (lldpad).
  • Starts lldpad.
  • Provides LLDP neighbor facts via facter (requires lldpad running and configured to at least receive LLDP frames on each Ethernet interface).
  • Configures lldpad to receive and/or transmit LLDP frames via the included lldptool.
  • Configures lldpad to transmit LLDP TLVs.

OS Support:

  • RedHat family - tested on CentOS 6.3
  • SuSE family - presently unsupported (patches welcome)
  • Debian family - presently unsupported (patches welcome)

Class documentation is available via puppetdoc.


class { 'openlldp': }

# Configure lldpad to receive and transmit LLDP frames on the specific interface.
openlldp::config::lldp { 'eth0':
  adminstatus => 'rxtx',

# Configure lldpad to transmit Basic LLDP TLVs.
# openlldp::config::lldp adminstatus has to be tx or rxtx for these to transmit.
openlldp::config::tlv { 'eth0':
  portDesc => 'yes',
  sysName  => 'yes',
  sysDesc  => 'yes',
  sysCap   => 'yes',
  mngAddr  => 'yes',


  • Open-LLDP talks about applying configurations globally by not specifying "-i ethX" to lldptool. This has not worked with the versions tested (0.9.43), thus a global configuration mode has not been built into the Puppet module.
  • PVID TLV is not suported as a keyword with the versions tested (0.9.43), thus the code uses numerical values for all TLVs.


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Please see for contribution information.


Please see LICENSE file.


Copyright (C) 2012 Mike Arnold

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