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Manage the ISC dhcp daemon


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Version information

  • 0.4.0 (latest)
  • 0.3.0
released Sep 15th 2015
This module has been deprecated by its author since Sep 28th 2017.

The reason given was: This module has been moved to the care of Vox Pupuli where it is now being maintained and updated.

The author has suggested puppet-dhcp as its replacement.

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Tags: dhcp


puppetlabs/dhcp — version 0.4.0 Sep 15th 2015

DHCP module for Puppet

Installs and manages a DHCP server.


  • Multiple subnet support
  • Host reservations
  • Secure dynamic DNS updates when combined with Bind
  • Can create a dummy (ignored) subnet so that the server can be used only as a helper-address target


Define the server and the zones it will be responsible for.

class { 'dhcp':
  service_ensure => running,
  dnsdomain      => [
  nameservers  => [''],
  ntpservers   => [''],
  interfaces   => ['eth0'],
  dnsupdatekey => '/etc/bind/keys.d/rndc.key',
  dnskeyname   => 'rndc-key',
  require      => Bind::Key['rndc-key'],
  pxeserver    => '',
  pxefilename  => 'pxelinux.0',
  omapi_port   => 7911,


Define the pool attributes

dhcp::pool{ '':
  network => '',
  mask    => '',
  range   => ['', ''],
  gateway => '',


Define a subnet that will be ignored - useful for making the DHCP server only respond to requests forwarded by switches etc.

dhcp::ignoredsubnet{ 'eth0':
  network => '',
  mask    => '',


Create host reservations.

dhcp::host { 'server1':
  mac => '00:50:56:00:00:01',
  ip  => '',


Zach Leslie Ben Hughes Sam Dunster Garrett Honeycutt