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Configuration Management

Automating configuration management can be the difference between planning future architecture and spending each day reacting to the latest fire. From sharing repeatable tasks with your team to declaring how a system should automatically repair your infrastructure when it diverges from the approved baseline, Puppet can empower you to take back your time.

With thousands of ready-to-use modules on the Forge, you can quickly harden existing systems, provision new functional infrastructure, and begin to tackle your patch management backlog in minutes.

Lightning fast open-source orchestration

Puppet Bolt runs on your workstation to directly automate anything with an IP address, including cloud resources. It provides a lightweight framework to adding guardrails around scripts you already have, and combine those Tasks with Puppet code to make sequenced changes to infrastructure at any scale. Bolt is fast at execution and even faster to get started with!

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Enterprise-grade scalable automation

Puppet Enterprise empowers you to bake security policies and operational baselines into your infrastructure through code and let robots do the workof figuring out which machines aren't compliant, how to get them to your desired state, and do these things at the scale and speed that you need.

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