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Windows: Rapidly manage infrastructure and enforce baselines

Whether you’re moving infrastructure to Azure or just trying to keep your legacy SQL Server running, Puppet can help you save time and reduce risk through consistently applied automation that works just as well in your brownfield datacenter or your greenfield cloud.

The Forge helps you get there faster, with step-by-step guides that include everything you need to get started, and ready-to-use modules with automation content for MS SQL Server, WSUS, Powershell, Chocolatey and more.

Inviting Windows to the Puppet Party at Walmart

Learn how Walmart started small, then brought over 30,000 Windows servers into management with Puppet Enterprise (Derek Robinson & Chris Kittell, Walmart Stores).

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Deploy packages across your Windows estate with Bolt and Chocolatey

Hands-on article to deploy Windows software quickly, securely and at scale - in three steps!

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Quickly convert a Powershell script to a Bolt Task

Power-up the Powershell scripts you already have using Bolt to execute your Tasks at scale over WinRM with guardrails for easy sharing.

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Popular for Windows

  • reboot

    Adds a type and provider for managing system reboots.

  • sqlserver

    The `sqlserver` module installs and manages MS SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2022 on Windows systems.

  • wsusserver

    The wsusserver module installs and manages the windows update services on Windows systems.


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